Why you must start Blogging as a Developer?

Reasons Why Developers Must Start Blogging and How to Get Started


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As a developer, you are very passionate about your work. You spend hours working on new features and fixing bugs. A lot of the time, however, you don't get to share this experience with anyone else in your office. Instead, you keep it all to yourself and let it fester inside until you can talk with other developers about your work at lunch or after work. What if there was a better way to convey all that information without having to interrupt conversations at any given meal? This is where blogging comes into play!

Show your expertise in your niche

You can use your blog to show your expertise in the niche you are interested in. There are many benefits of blogging, and one of them is that it helps you to grow as a developer. You will be able to write articles that talk about your interests, as well as other topics related to programming or how developers work. This is a great way for people who are interested in this work field to learn more about what they can do once they finish their education or training program.

Build a personal brand

A strong personal brand will help you stand out in the developer community as an expert. You should be able to answer the question "Who am I?" with a few simple sentences that describe what makes you unique and why someone should care about your voice.

You don't need a New York Times bestselling book or an award-winning blog to build a personal brand; however, it's important that your content is consistent with who you are, both on and offline. Your blog should reflect your personality and style, as well as share insights into who you are and why people should follow along with your journey.

Boost your personal growth

Blogging will help you to learn new things. You can write about different topics and try to cover every aspect of it. Writing will improve your writing skills, communication skills, marketing skills, technical skills etc.

You can also refer to the other topics which are related with the topic that you are writing about because it helps you gather more information which can be helpful in writing better content for your blog post or article.

Get feedback from developers globally

The best thing about blogging is that you get to hear what people think of your work. You get feedback from developers globally and in the same niche, but even better is when you receive feedback from different niches or non-developers. Even if it's just one person who gives you some feedback, it can make all the difference for your blog and career as a developer!

As a developer, I can assure you that receiving constructive criticism is crucial to growing as an individual and will allow us to produce better content for our readers. There are many ways you can get feedback from developers. You can get feedback from developers globally, within the same niche and from other niches as well. It is important to note that the feedback you receive doesn't have to be related to your specific field or topic. You can also receive valuable advice by using social media and forums like Twitter, Reddit and Stack Overflow.

Get personal projects off the ground with blogging

Blogging is a great way to get your projects off the ground, and it's especially useful when you're looking for feedback on your ideas or funding.

If you want to start a business but don't know where to begin, blogging can help with that too.

Start by posting about what makes your product unique and why people should use it instead of other products in the same space. You can also write about how you got started with your idea and what steps are involved in its development (e.g., hiring designers, writing code).

Make money via blogging

Blogging can be a great way to make money online because you can monetize your blog in many ways. The most popular ways to monetize your blog are through display ads, affiliate marketing and selling your own products.

Display Ads are one of the best ways of making money from blogging as it doesn't require any initial investment on your part and you don't have to spend time creating content for it either. Display Ads are used by both bloggers and website owners alike because they're fast and easy to implement without having to write new content for each ad placement. Affiliate Marketing is another good option if you want more control over what ads appear on your site and how much revenue they generate for you since most affiliate programs let members choose their own products or services before they sign up with an affiliate network such as Amazon Associates or ShareASale.

How to get started?

  • Decide on a blogging platform.
  • Start with a niche that interests you and write about it in an interesting way.
  • Write content people care about, not just information they need or want to know but something that will make them think and feel something. This could be an emotion, thought or action you inspire in your readers as well as what you share when asked by someone else how to do something or why they should buy this product over another one.
  • Write down things that interest you or have recently learned (like a new fact) so they are at hand when needed for new posts.

Decide on a blogging platform

So, how do you choose a platform? There are several things to consider. First, make sure it's easy to use. Sure, WordPress may be the most popular blogging platform on the market right now but if you're not comfortable with coding then it's probably not for you. Next, make sure that the platform is easy to maintain. For example: Do they have an online tutorial system? Will they teach me how to manage my content and save time?

Thirdly: Is this platform easy to monetize? (In case it applies for you) You don't want your blog taking up all of your time only for it not making any money at all! Finally: Is this platform easy to share? Make sure there is an active community surrounding whatever type of content you post.

Here are a few of them:

Start with a niche that interests you.

It is important to start blogging with a niche that interests you and that you are passionate about. This will help keep you motivated and write consistently. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the things going on in your life, or have no idea where to start, finding a topic that interests and excites you might feel impossible. But don't worry! There are plenty of niches out there for every type of person. For example:

  • If you love dogs (or cats), maybe it would make sense for your first blog post to be about how to choose the perfect dog breed for your lifestyle?
  • If cooking is something that comes naturally to you and makes life easier, write about tips on making healthy meals at home using only three ingredients!
  • If you love developing projects and building websites, share your experience and things you learn on your journey.

Write content people care about.

Now that you have the right platform and the right audience, it's time to start writing.

As a developer, you know that good content is king. In fact, there are many successful blogs out there written by developers that are attracting thousands of readers every day simply because they provide value to their readers.

There are many ways for you to write about topics related to your profession as a developer:

  • Write about what you know or want to learn in depth (e.g., code samples)
  • Write about the tools or services that automate tasks for you (e.g., scheduling emails)
  • Write about new features in programming languages/tools
  • Write about industry news relevant to your field

Write about things you've just learned.

As a developer, you are constantly learning. You may know the ins and outs of a particular programming language or framework, but there is always more to learn. Take advantage of this by writing blog posts about things you've just learned. You can write about how to use a new library in your technology stack, or how to implement an algorithm or data structure in your favorite language.

While some developers might think that blogging about their latest projects would be boring for their audience, this is not true at all! The best way to keep up with current trends in development is by keeping an eye on what other people are doing with them-and what better way than through reading blogs?

There are many reasons why developers must start blogging and these reasons will help you to get started with it.

So, what's the point?

As a developer, you have a lot of expertise in your niche. You are the best person to know about it and share with people what they need to know. Blogging is one of the most effective ways of sharing your knowledge with a global audience. So start blogging and show off your expertise as well as build a personal brand for yourself in this competitive world!

The benefits of blogging will boost up your personal growth whether it be technical or non-technical:

  • Get feedback from developers globally through comments on blog posts which helps them improve their skills further.
  • Build a community around their blogs where they can discuss various topics related to programming languages, frameworks etc., which helps them grow more than just being an individual developer by interacting with other developers who share similar interests in programming field too!


To conclude, I would say that if you are a developer and you want to be successful in this industry, then you must start blogging. Blogging is an effective way for developers to share their knowledge with the world and learn from others. It will not only make them more knowledgeable but also help them improve their skills as well as grow their business.

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