How to Earn Cryptocurrency in 2024: Multiply BTC Trick

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You can EARN BITCOIN and MULTIPLY your earning in many ways. Be it through sports betting, a new customer signup bonus through referral programs at If you’ve recently discovered Bitcoin Faucet and started collecting Bitcoin for free, you might be wondering if you can easily and automatically grow your Satoshi’s on The answer is yes, you can! With MULTIPLY BTC, it’s very possible. However, it’s important to approach this with a strategy and not make arbitrary adjustments. I’ll show you my Multiply Bitcoin trick, which has helped us at make substantial profits so far.

What is

Freebitcoin is a popular Bitcoin faucet that offers several ways to earn bitcoins. In addition to collecting bitcoins every hour, you can participate in the lottery, place bets, and even earn 4.08% interest on your account balance starting at 0.0003 BTC. There are many more ways to earn bitcoins on this site.

MULTIPLY BTC — The settings for automated success that worked for us

Freebitcoin offers a MULTIPLY feature that can help you earn bitcoins faster. However, it’s important to approach it with a strategy. You can even automate the Multiply feature to save time. Many people deposit their bitcoins on just for interest. Although the interest rates for today are relatively high at over 4%, there are many more ways to earn bitcoins on this site. You can earn more profit with the multiplier, but it’s important not to be too greedy! In my experience, it makes sense to play something regularly rather than playing the multiplier all day long.

If you’re new to, I recommend starting with a small deposit to understand the system. If you manage to double your deposit, you’ll receive additional bonuses. However, there’s always a risk of total loss, so it’s important not to be too greedy. My tip: If you manage to multiply your deposit, withdraw your original deposit and only continue playing with the profit you’ve earned.

I’d like to share my preferred method for multiplying Bitcoin on Please note that this method is not foolproof, but I’ve had success in 90% of the cases. I recommend starting with a small buffer of 8000 Satoshi’s to play with the Multiply feature. You can also deposit bitcoins on and earn additional interest. The larger your buffer, the higher your win rate will be.


Important settings to note:


Here you set the value between 1.01 to 4750 but I normally set it to 5 that's what worked best for me.


SET it to 15 rolls.


Here we put either HI or LO, I would not choose ALTERNATE. I just set LO here.


Click on “ON LOSE” tab. Then check on “INCREASE BET BY”. Here it worked best with 100%.

After those settings are changed, you can start the auto bet by clicking on START AUTO-BET and if on certain wins, click on STOP AUTO-BET.

👉 Done!

Congratulations! You can now run the bot and collect your winnings. We’ve been running the bot every day for over half a year and have been able to generate the most profits from the settings so far. We’re curious to hear about your results, so give the settings a try and let us know how it goes!

Join us at freebitcoin and start winning today.

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